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JOHN VIRAG is an accomplished and revered Singer/Songwriter and Producer out of New York City. His style is refreshingly unique, yet seems to be a bit of a throwback to many of the legends of the seventies and eighties. Virag plays multiple instruments including piano, trumpet, bass, and percussion. While his style is categorized as Pop/Rock, he successfully crosses over to other styles such as Jazz, World, and R&B. John has studied under and played with the likes of Jim McNeely, Dr. George Butler, and Wynton Marsalis and has a Master's Degree in Music Composition from NYU, while also participating in the Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy.

Influence is the third CD release from accomplished New York City-based recording artist John Virag, and is a sophisticated yet hip follow-up to his previous CDs, Dream Reality and Evidence Pending.  Once again, Virag has fully produced and recorded the album in his Sea King Productions studio and played all the supporting instruments.  Guest artist, guitarist Assaf Ben-Nun (solo on “Just Another Day”), adds a fiery flare to the album.

Influence was named after today's complex world, which throws it's weight around in many ways, thereby affecting all of society down to the individual.  It is also a definite nod to John's musical and theatrical heroes.  The recording offers a variety of hip and expressive tracks, giving the entire album a dynamic sphere of sound, instrumentation, and musical arrangement.  Each track has it's own individuality, keeping it fresh from beginning to end.  John continues his musical journey and proves once again that he is among the elite in the world of singer/songwriters.



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